The Adidas sports apparel line has been valued for both function and performance. Adidas has been an athlete's best friend and key to his or her winning and pride all these years.

The apparel does not compromise in terms of the quality and standards so as to meet the needs of a hard-working athlete and ordinary folks wanting to be at the best of health.

The sportswear has tussled with the other brands in terms of obtaining the best athletes to wear the three-stripped insignia of the Adidas brand.

As a way of giving back to customers from all over the world, Adidas has asked its athlete endorsers to share some exercise tips that could help any aspiring athlete of all ages to get the body in shape to be healthy.

Some of the athletes that took time to share their exercise tips include South African surfer and ramp model Roxy Louw.

Roxy, who proudly shares that she takes her enthusiasm on sports from her father, former rugby player Rob Louw, is quite happy with her active lifestyle.

She says that part of her exercise routine is doing alternate skipping ropes, bicep curls and lateral raises, and push ups to be strong enough to handle the surf and the waves.

Fresh from her winnings at the London Paralympics, vision impaired Ilse Hayes shares her tips to getting the well-shaped legs and thighs that are usual problem areas for women.

Ilse Hayes won in medals in the Paralympics for 100 metre running event and long jump event.

Ilse believes that with focus and perseverance, one can get in shape and even be competitive in the sport that you choose.

For the Adidas trainer's training technique, Ilse shares how she tones her thighs to maintain her speed and endurance to be on top of her game.

Adidas believes that admiring the trimmed body of an athlete can be yours and be done if you just give a little window of your time to exercise daily.