Penny Whopper
Burger King is offering its Whopper for a penny if you order it at McDonald's. An employee (L) serves customers at the Burger King fast food restaurant in Marseille's airport, in Marignane, southern France, on December 22, 2012. Marignane's Burger King is the first shop of the brand to open in France after 15 years of absence and marks the return of the famous Whopper burger in the country. Getty Images/ANNE-CHRISTINE POUJOULAT

You can have it your way for a penny, according to a new promotion by Burger King. The fast food restaurant is offering its Whoppers for only one cent when you order it at McDonald’s .

While the tongue-in-cheek Whopper Detour promotion lets Whopper fans cash in on the deal using the BK app, they will need to do a little trickery to make it happen. Through the power of geo-fencing, BK app users need to get inside or near a McDonald’s location, order a Whopper, and then drive to the nearest Burger King, where they can get the sandwich for a penny, according to USA Today.

When a restaurant goer gets near a McDonald’s, the company suggests 600 feet is close enough; the BK app will unlock to reveal the penny Whopper Deal. Then the app will then reroute them to the closest Burger King restaurant where they can pick up their Whopper sandwich.

The Whopper Detour promotion from Burger King will run through Dec. 12.