Brazilian-born Carlos Ghosn, the CEO of Japan's Nissan Motor Company (Tokyo: 7201), was the highest-paid CEO in Japan in the last fiscal year, with a salary and bonus totaling 987 million yen ($12.5 million), according to Reuters.

That's more than seven times what Toyota Motor Corporation (NYSE: TM) President Akio Toyoda made in the same year. In fact, Ghosn received a 0.5 percent raise, while Toyoda's pay remained flat. Ghosn even raked in more than the top 21 executives at Sony Corporation (NYSE: SNE) combined.

Ghosn's disclosed salary and bonus does not include his stock options, according to Reuters. However, shareholders seem to have been concerned with retaining Ghosn following a report by Bloomberg News last week saying he was leaving the company in the next five years. Ghosn has since denied the claims.