A photo of HIV in the human body. Creative Commons

Gilead Sciences Inc.'s new HIV drug, Genvoya, has shown positive results in Phase 3 clinical trials, the company says. The U.S. drugmaker said Thursday the data show reduced side effects in patients over the long term compared with drugs currently available for treating the AIDS virus.

The two Phase 3 studies of Genvoya ran for 96 weeks, almost two years. Gilead's researchers say the new drug is as effective as an older version called Stribild, but with less harm to the patient's bones and kidneys.

Genvoya was made by eliminating one drug out of the four-drug cocktail in Stribild. The clinical data were presented recently at the 15 th European AIDS Conference in Barcelona, Spain.

“As people live longer with HIV and remain on antiretroviral treatments throughout their lives, there is a need for new regimen options for people with HIV- and treatment-related comorbidities,” said Dr. Jose R. Arribas, associate professor of medicine at the Hospital La Paz in Madrid. “The data presented this week show Genvoya has the potential to help preserve the health of a range of appropriate HIV patients.”

Gilead is hoping to bring its new drug and other new-generation therapies to patients as soon as the drugs get regulatory approval from the U.S. and Europe.