General Motors unveiled one of the new pre-production Chevy Volts that has rolled off the automaker's technical center campus in Warren, Michigan on Wednesday.

The unveiling eased concerns that surrounded the car's manufacturing process, given that GM filed for bankruptcy early June.

GM released a video showing the pre production properties of the extended range electric vehicle which are basically the Volt externally and internally, Andrew Farah, the Volt's chief engineer said in the video. He added that the car has cleared fundamental issues.

The Volt will now enter its refining process where the team of technicians will detail for instance, the way the blinker sounds and the way the door sounds when it opens and closes, Farah explains in the video.

The Volt will be released in showrooms in November 2010, GM said on April. The company has allocated about $1 billion to develop the electric sedan which will hit the market as a top competitor for Toyota Motor Corp.'s hybrid Prius, which is the top seller of its kind.

Watch the latest Volt in pre-production below: