• Leaked footage reveals just how PS5 launch title "Godfall" will look like
  • The short video reveals the game's stunning graphics quality
  • The leak is only six seconds long, but it offers some interesting details to players

Leaked “Godfall” video game footage reveals how the slasher's battle scenes look like. And if the video is accurate, it appears that fans will have a great time.

So far, not much is known about “Godfall,” a PlayStation 5 launch title from Gearbox. A new leak over on Reddit, however, manages to give the public an idea as to how the game's combat scenes will look like – and how the actual game, if the trailer features actual in-game footage, will be very pleasing to the eyes.

The video, posted on Reddit by a Redditor named YeaQuarterDongIng, shows a variety of fight scenes within six seconds. The scenes were taken from a “trailer which was used internally,” likely shared between Gearbox's developers and execs. The video is from early 2019, the Redditor said.

The video might be short, but it gives off a lot of interesting details that excited fans of looters and slashers will want to see. Here are some of them:

  • Great visuals

The PS5 is expected to feature great graphics processing capabilities that will far exceed that of the current PS4. That said, fans can expect that “Godfall,” which is a PS5 launch title, will be the first game to showcase just how beautiful next-gen games will be.

Fans who saw the video in Reddit said the game “looks super fun,” “actually looks epic,” and the “lighting and particle effects look so satisfying.” The game's effects also look “bright and stunning without being overwhelming,” said a Redditor.

  • A variety of characters to choose from

The six-second video revealed that players will be able to choose from at least three characters to play as in the game. Not much is revealed about these characters, except that they look distinct from each other (could be variations in armor), and that they could have different fighting styles.

The first player character that was shown, for example, had the ability to lunge into the target enemy and set it on fire (or perhaps that's how that kind of enemy dies in the game). The third player character that was shown, on the other hand, looked like he was wielding a two-hand greatsword of some kind. It's too early to conclude anything, though.