Google announced Wednesday that its email service Gmail will be adding a new feature that will automatically organize and track the shipping dates for packages that were ordered online. The move comes ahead of the holiday season, which is also a peak season for shipping packages.

Google noted that the move removes the long process of digging through an inbox and a string of links to see the status of a delivery. The feature will launch in the next coming weeks.

The new shipping feature will be displayed through the subject area at the top of the inbox so that arrival dates can be seen without opening an email.

It will also update on information about when the label was created, when it was shipped and whether it is "arriving tomorrow" or "delivered today," along with delays.

The feature is available for orders that have a tracking number with most major U.S. shipping carriers.

The U.S. Postal Service warned in August that there will be a 3-month-long price increase during the holiday season to make up for the overload of packages.

The expected increase started on Oct. 2 and will last until Jan. 22, 2023.