Google Assistant
Scott Huffman, Engineering Director at Google, speaks about Google Assistant during the presentation of Google hardware in San Francisco, Oct. 4, 2016. Reuters/Beck Diefenbach

The Google Assistant feature was finally rolled out to Android Nougat and Android Marshmallow devices on Thursday. But to get the feature on your device, you will need the updated version of Google Play Services, which wasn't available on the Google Play app store at the time of writing.

If you haven’t received the update on your device, or for some reason, can’t seem to get the feature on your device, there is another way out. Users who haven’t received the feature but still want to access it will need to download the APK version of the update and install.

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First and foremost, two things are needed to download the update:

  • An Android smartphone running Android Marshmallow or Android Nougat
  • Google Play Services APK version 10.2.98 or higher

You will need to head to APK Mirror and download the correct variant of the APK for your device. In case you don’t know which variant of Google Play Services you need, you can check out Play Services Info app made by third-party app developer Weberdo. The app will show you the version of Google Play Services running on your device and whether there is an update available.

2017 is expected to be the year of artificial intelligence-based voice assistants, with Google and Amazon being the major players in the arena. Google started the trend with its unveil of the Assistant in October 2016, but Amazon caught up soon with its Alexa voice assistant. Both companies have come out with smart speakers running on their AI-based voice assistant. Microsoft too is expected to come out with a similar device combined with its Cortana voice assistant.

In addition, HTC has already come out with its Sense Companion while Samsung is expected to unveil its Bixby voice assistant soon.