The idea of sending an email to the wrong person or not including someone is downright frightening (or at least really, really embarassing) and Google has recognized this with a new feature.

Called Got the wrong Bob? was introduced with another feature called What About Bob? Both address common email faux pas. Got the wrong Bob? will tell you if it thinks you are sending an email to the wrong person with a similar name. For instance, if you meant to email Bob your friend and accidently included Bob, your boss.

What About Bob? might be even more impressive. It can make suggestions based on who you email most often. Thus, if a user typically emails a group of four people; and forgets to include the fifth, it will ask if they wanted to include the fifth person. If there is a suggested name to add; all a user has to do is click on their name and it will be added.

Google said both of these features were mainstays of its Gmail Labs features and have now been upgraded to full time features, meaning they will be available to a general audience.

In addition, Google also added another feature to Gmail: personalization. Instead of choosing from a list of pre-set themes, Google is letting its users make their own themes. This means users will be able to put whatever image they want on the background of their Gmail.