Grammy-winning musician Skrillex has lent his brand to a series of smartphone cases made by Google. Reuters

Cool kids into electronic dance music and high-end Android phones might want to pick up one of Google's new tricked-out phone cases, announced Wednesday, designed by dubstep star Skrillex. One person who won't be needing a Skrillex Live Case? Skrillex, king of the asymmetrical haircut himself, who uses an iPhone.

How can you tell? Well, Skrillex has a popular Twitter account, which appears to be maintained by him. If you view his tweets in TweetDeck, you can see that he tweets using the official Twitter client for iPhone. He sent a tweet congratulating fellow EDMer Zedd from his iPhone yesterday.

A tweet sent using an iPhone. Screenshot
Skrillex uses Twitter on his iPhone. Screenshot

While the $40 Skrillex Live Case, which comes with exclusive Skrillex tracks and wallpaper, comes in models for several Android devices -- including the Nexus 6 and the Samsung Galaxy S6 -- Skrillex can't use one, because he uses an iPhone. Clearly, Google is paying Skrillex for his brand and not asking him to endorse Android, but can't they get him to use one of their phones for even a few days?

"I think phone cases will always be novelties, but there’s always so many interesting phone cases I like and I think the sillier the better — but this is a cool take on it." Skrillex told Buzzfeed.