Google Maps
A new update for the Google Maps app for Android OS is rolling out. Reuters/Kim Hong-Ji

It’s easy to forget where you parked your car, even in lots that have labels to help you remember, so Google Maps is adding parking reminders to its app like those available in Apple Maps.

In the most recent beta version of the Android app Google added an upgrade to the parking feature. Currently on all mobile versions of Maps, there is a “Save parking location” setting available in the app. But the new feature adds more helpful information, according to The Verge.

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The beta version offers manual parking reminders. Users can drop a pin where they park their car, by clicking the blue dot that represents them on the map, they can then access a page where parking information can be saved. On that page users can add photos, write notes and set a parking timer for spots that are metered or timed.

Apple Maps does this automatically for users so Google may be trying to catch up. Google does however have a feature in Google Now that will use the sensors in users phones to determine when users seem to be traveling in a vehicle or start moving as though they have gotten out of a vehicle and are traveling by foot.

It’s only available in beta on Android right now but should soon become available and then expand to iOS devices.