A “human fossil” or human-like figure of an alien species was supposedly picked up by an alien theorist from a Google Moon map photo, prompting another round of speculations on whether or not there is life outside of Earth.

According to Scott Waring, who runs the infamous alien blog ETDatabase.com, he stumbled upon an image which clearly looks like the face of a human-like creature in one of the craters of the Moon. The humanoid figure, Waring said in a video, is just one of the many clues that advanced alien species leave on the lunar surface for humans to find and seriously consider that there is indeed life in outer space.

“I found a face of a human-like alien species in Hershel crater on Earth’s moon using Google Moon map. The face appears to have a thick muscular neck, strong cheeks, upper and lower eyelids and eye, long curly hair and other well-defined features,” Waring said.

What’s interesting is that Waring believes that aliens are actually no different from humans in terms of looks. This means that they are human-like and not like the monster-looking creatures that we are accustomed to believing in movies.

If true, could this mean that humans may have originated in the same genome as the alien species that Waring believes exist? “This is 100% proof that there are some alien species that look like us...o should I say...that we look like them? Now ask yourself why do we look like them? And you will find the answer to our existence,” he said.

Aside from finding alien figures on the Moon, Waring also claims to have spotted a large alien base on the lunar surface. In a post, he relayed how he was able to spot what looks like an abandoned airstrip with buildings that look like it is made of metal on the surface.

He also claimed to have seen a domed lunar colony on the Moon and that U.S. space agency NASA is actually aware of its existence. However, it should be noted that Waring is known for his wild theories about alien life and that these have been debunked by scientists in the recent years.

The US wants to return humans to the Moon by 2024
The US wants to return humans to the Moon by 2024 AFP / Laurent EMMANUEL