Another bug has been spotted on the Google Pixel 3. Some users of the Pixel 3 are reporting that they are losing text messages, which are seemingly being deleted automatically.

Complaints for missing text messages on the Pixel 3 were first spotted on Reddit by Android Police. Users who have shared their experiences claim that all of their text messages have been removed or deleted entirely. Some even tried searching for the missing text messages in the archive, but they are not even stored there.

Some users claim that the Android Messages app would start having weird glitches, like starting a new thread for an already existing conversation. When users restart their Pixel 3, they found that all their older text messages are already missing for some unexplained reason.

The text messaging bug only began happening over the last week, which could mean that the problem may be directly related to the November Security Update or a recent update to the Messages app, as speculated by 9To5Google. Google hasn’t addressed the issue yet and there’s no clear indication as to what’s causing the problem. What’s known for sure is that it’s affecting both the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. There’s no word yet if other Android smartphones are being affected by this text message bug.

Users who were fortunate enough to have backups of their older text messages will have a way to retrieve the missing text messages. However, most users may not have backups which will most likely cause a lot of confusion and frustration. The best way to back up messages now is using third-party apps.

For users who have experienced this problem on the Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL, there is one temporary solution that a user on Reddit has discovered. Users will have to go to a previous version of the Messages app by uninstalling the most recent update. Users will be able to do this by going to Settings, Apps & Notifications and then Messages. There should be a button at the top-right in the App info page that will allow users to uninstall updates to the Messages app.

It hasn’t been smooth sailing for either the Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL. Last week, users reported that they were experiencing overheating issues while charging the Pixel 3, causing the phone to automatically shut down to protect itself. There are also some Pixel 3 owners complaining about a flickering display issue that may be related to the phone’s Ambient Display. Google has its hands full, but hopefully, it’s currently working on a fix for all these problems.