Pixel 3
Some Google Pixel 3 users are reporting that their handsets are overheating while charging. Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Some owners of the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are reportedly experiencing an overheating issue that causes their handsets to shut down entirely. The issue is said to occur when users are charging their Pixel 3 handsets.

Users who have experienced this overheating issue with their Pixel 3 handsets have reported the problem via Google’s Product Forums and other platforms. Some have even published lengthy videos on YouTube describing the issue in full detail. According to 9To5Google, user experience varies, but the general consensus is that the Pixel 3 becomes too hot that the handset shuts down to protect itself from getting severely damaged.

“I'm experiencing overheating and shutdown without warning during video calls while charging. It happened once during a Zoom (mobile app) conference call, and again during a WhatsApp video call. For the Zoom call I was using the Google Pixel Stand, and for the WhatsApp call I was plugged into an Anker 39W Car Charger,” one user said on Reddit. “I've used these apps for years on other Android phones the exact same way and never experience overheating.”

The Reddit user who shared his experience managed to get a replacement unit from Google. Unfortunately, the replacement Pixel 3 that he received also suffered the same overheating issue.

Smartphones typically get a bit hotter while being charged, but getting too hot is definitely concerning. The problem also appears to be affecting all types of charging methods, including Google’s own Pixel Stand wireless charger. When the Pixel 3 detects that its temperature is getting too hot, it will come up with a notification, telling the user about the extreme heat. When this occurs, charging will also be slowed down significantly to the point that the battery is receiving little to no energy.

When the Pixel 3 gets way too hot, the built-in charging circuits will automatically throttle the charging to avoid a dangerous outcome, as pointed out by SlashGear. If the phone reaches a certain high temperature, the Pixel 3 will shut down by itself, but the device will continue charging the battery.

This overheating problem is already affecting a lot of owners, but it’s still unclear wether or not this is affecting majority of Pixel 3 users. Even if this isn’t a widespread problem, this is very troubling and it may be a safety hazard. Google hasn’t addressed the problem yet, and there isn’t any viable solution to deter the Pixel 3 from overheating while charging as of late.