Google (GOOG) has launched a new wireless service with its Fi Unlimited plan, adding to its Fi-Flexible plan that allowed users to pay only for the data they use each month Now with Fi Unlimited, users will have access to unlimited data, calls, and texts.

The cost of the new Fi Unlimited program is $70 a line for one line, $60 a line for two lines, $50 a line for three lines, and $45 a line for four to six lines per month, including free international calls from the U.S. to 50 countries and territories. The program also offers unlimited data usage and included international texting to 200 locations at no additional cost.

Members of the Fi Unlimited service will also be provided with 100 GB of cloud storage, Google discounts, and support from the company across all its platforms. Video streaming has also been upgraded to 480p.

Google Fi Unlimited has no contracts or activation fees, and the company is currently offering 50 percent off a Pixel 3 or Pixel 3XL phone with activation of the service until Wednesday or while supplies last.

Data speeds with the program will be diminished after 22 GB of data use in a month, which Google said only affects less than one percent of its current Fi users.

Google also said it will still continue to offer its Flexible plan for users that prefer to pay for their monthly data.

Shares of Google's parent company, Alphabet, were down 0.01 percent as of 12:12 p.m. ET on Wednesday.