To celebrate Google's 13th birthday, Tuesday, we've given you, dear reader, a list of the best 10 we could find. Over the years, Google has produced more and more doodles in more and more detail. Some of them can even be interacted with by clicking on or hovering over. Naturally, this type of interactivity appeals to us, so if you like some of the older ones better, let us know in the comments section.

10. Celebrated author Agatha Christie's 120th birthday was Sept. 15, 2010, and in some countries, the doodle appeared as a mysterious room full of period costumed Google letters. Think of a cartoon letter version of the movie Clue! (scroll down a bit)

9. We go all the way back to Earth Day 2011. On April 22, the doodle appeared as a picturesque landscape with a waterfall and various animals that moved when hovered over.

8. Also in 2011 (there's a few of them here because we like to play with 'em) was Dr. Robert Bunsen's 200th birthday. The doodle on March 31 was in the shape guessed it, a chemistry set. Hover over it and watch the science magic!

7. Seventh on the list is Isamu Noguchi's Birthday (Japan). Google here is shaped as modern furniture, in the Japanese style, of course. (scroll down about half way).

6. The halfway point in our top ten birthday doodles is the 25th anniversary of the Buckyball, Sept. 4, 2011. It's just a fun ball that spins in the middle of the Google logo, but sometimes it's the little things that make the workday go by so much easier.

5. In fifth place we have the 50th anniversary of the first human spaceflight, April 12, 2011. This doodle featured a rocket that launched into space when hovered over.

4. Fourth place goes to the May 21, 2010 doodle commemorating the 30th anniversary of the Pac-Man video game.

3. The third best doodle goes to Jan. 28, 2009- artist Jackson Pollack's birthday. (scroll down just over half way) The doodle here was in the shape of an abstract painting true to its form. The Google logo is just barely discernable in the paint flecks.

Finally, we have the two best doodles of all time! They are 2. the 96th birthday of guitar legend Les Paul and 1. the 75th birthday of Muppet inventor and comedic genius Jim Henson. Les Paul's birthday, June 9, was commemorated by a recordable stringed instrument in the, albeit vague, shape of the famous Google logo. The Muppet logo was Sept. 24, 2011 and featured six colorful monsters that made silly faces when clicked.

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