Sebastian Thrun, founder of Google X and Stanford professor, appeared on Charlie Rose yesterday adorning his latest creation, Project Glass.

For those that aren't familiar with Project Glass, it's a wearable set of eyeglasses that connects to the internet and blends the line between reality and mobile devices. Google introduced the new system in a short video.

Sebastian Thrun, founder of Google X, snapped a photo of Charlie Rose using Google's Project Glass headset. (Photo: Google Plus)

While sitting across the table from Rose, Thrun snapped a photo using the eyeglasses and immediately posted it to his Google Plus page. The photo was somewhat grainier than you'd expect from a mobile device camera, but Thrun appeared to snap the photo with ease. By pressing on button and nodding his head, Thrun was able to post the photo on the web.

They're really an aspiring project to change the way that we interact with mobile devices, said Thrun to Rose about the team he works with at Google. The hope was to get things out of your life and not into your life.

The conversation eventually shifted to two other popular projects that Thrun has been working on including Google's self-driving car and its secret science facility, Google X.

It's been a little bit overhyped, said Thrun about Google X. In the media, obviously every company does research. I came from Stanford University and I've observed many other research labs. I'm a very unhappy person, so I get bugged by things that are wrong like the fact that we drive cars manually. I got bugged by the fact that most research labs don't help their companies that much. I wanted a lab that was not really research, but takes moonshot ideas and turn them into products that really help people.

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