• Fans are concerned about the game's clunky combat in the demo
  • The game will feature four of Batman's sidekicks as playable characters
  • "Gotham Knights" will release in October

    Actual gameplay for the much-awaited action game “Gotham Knights” has finally been revealed, but not everyone is happy to see what the developers had to show.

    The 13-minute-long demo previewed a portion of the mid-game with two ex-Robins, Nightwing and Red Hood, set in the DC Universe’s crime-ridden Gotham city that’s been left to fester due to the absence of Batman. As far as gameplay goes, it’s very similar to the old “Arkham Knight” from 2015.

    Combat is about as much as fans of the “Arkham” series expect: players control one character and beat up thugs, henchmen and other bad guys in the tried-and-tested free-flow combat system that the first “Arkham Asylum” game made popular.

    Even with Nightwing and Red Hood’s distinct fighting styles, the combat system feels very similar. However, fans were quick to point out how terribly bland the game felt in the demo.

    In Gotham Knights, Red Hood uses non-lethal pistols to attack enemies from range
    In Gotham Knights, Red Hood uses non-lethal pistols to attack enemies from range Warner Bros. Games

    Comments on YouTube and Reddit indicated that “Gotham Knights” doesn’t particularly feel thrilling for gamers despite the high production value. Fancy animations, detailed character models and high-quality level design aside, fans noted how clunky and slow the actual combat felt.

    Most of Nightwing’s screentime involves a lot of unnecessary acrobatics as he moves from enemy to enemy. Meanwhile, Red Hood’s reliance on ranged attacks makes him feel one-dimensional, as his fighting style revolves around peppering targets who can’t retaliate.

    Some others pointed out how awkward the unique traveling mechanics between the two characters were. Red Hood’s magical double-jumping ability in particular drew a bit of flak from fans who expected a more grounded approach to the game’s world.

    Regardless, fans remain hopeful that the sluggish pace of combat is restricted only to the demo itself.

    Batgirl and Robin are yet to be revealed, but they’re expected to have distinct movesets and playstyles of their own.

    “Gotham Knights” was previously delayed to March 2021. Now, it’s due to release on Oct. 25, and another delay seems unlikely. Whether or not the issues pointed out by the community will get resolved is anyone’s guess, but there’s ample time for the developers to tweak the combat to suit the tastes of its eager fanbase.