Arc System Works and Cygames collaboration fighting game “Granblue Fantasy Versus” will kick off its closed beta tests this coming May 31. Registration for the closed beta testing is now available for three regions. Here’s what we know about this new announcement.

As seen on the official Cygames English website, the “Granblue Fantasy Versus” closed beta tests will start May 31 and end June 1. Interested players can now apply for a closed beta code on its site to get in the closed beta tests. The closed beta tests are open to people in Japan, North America and European regions.

The closed beta test participants will be picked on a random selection basis. Not everybody who registers will get a code. Once you’ve registered, quickly proceed to your email to verify the closed beta application in order to make sure you get a chance to be one of the first to play this game. The closed beta voucher code process is strict as it won’t resend the codes back to chosen players.

Players also need to make sure that their email address is set to accept mail from their official address to make sure it doesn’t get treated as spam and get automatically deleted in the process.

The first set of codes will be sent around May 21, at 8 p.m. PST, to May 22. The code sending process may be continuous after that date as the application deadlines are at 11 p.m. PST on May 23 or 6 a.m. GMT on May 24.

“Granblue Fantasy Versus” is a long-awaited fighting game set in world of the “Granblue Fantasy” mobile game. While the starting characters introduced so far have yet to go beyond 10, the whole main cast of “Granblue Fantasy” exceeds hundreds of playable characters.

Players can expect this game to have a wide pool of new characters if the game ever needs a DLC.

For now, the game’s systems are still a mystery, but its charm comes from the mobile game it is based on. The “Granblue Fantasy” mobile game is a popular one with many players from all over the globe. While its gameplay is different from the upcoming fighting game, many would try to get in the closed beta to play as their favorite characters.

granblue fantasy versus closed beta "Granblue Fantasy Versus" Closed Beta banner from Twitter