Dragon Ball FighterZ Stage
The upcoming tournament may not be as big as EVO, but it'll have the "Dragon Ball FighterZ" DLC we want soon. Pictured: Crowds watch the DragonBall FighterZ finals during EVO 2018 at the Mandalay Bay Events Center on August 5, 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Getty Images/Joe Buglewicz

Bandai Namco has hyped up "Dragon Ball FighterZ" fans for the upcoming Final Summoning tournament this coming Jan. 26 and 27. More than just the "Dragon Ball FighterZ" DLC announcement, Bandai Namco will also reveal details about the upcoming "Project Z" RPG game. Here’s what we know about the upcoming announcements.

As seen on the official Bandai Namco Twitter, an interaction with a fan revealed the upcoming "Dragon Ball FighterZ" DLC and "Project Z" announcement in the tournament. The Final Summoning tournament will include the top players of the fighting game and will be a competition to find out who will be the best in its first season.

So far, the confirmed announcement for "Dragon Ball FighterZ" is about a large update. The developers seem to be tight-lipped regarding any details about the new updates, but many fans are already predicting that a new character is coming. One official Bandai Namco leak has revealed that a Universe 11 character is coming, and it could be Jiren, one of the strongest opponents fought by the main characters so far.

After the potential character DLC, a major update will also come in the "Dragon Ball FighterZ" systems. As "Dragon Ball FighterZ" producer Tomoko Hiroki confirmed, they’ll adjust the game to allow more comebacks to happen and generally boost the fun for every player and spectator who enjoys the fighting game. Potentially, these adjustments could be character buffs and nerfs, new features in the game, adjustments to how current features work and other game changes that many competitive players will immediately notice.

Other than "Dragon Ball FighterZ" DLC and updates, more details about the "Project Z" RPG will also be announced in the upcoming tournament. While details about this upcoming game are scarce, AnimeNewsNetwork said that Shonen Jump released a poster about "Project Z" which showed an adult Goku carrying a child Gohan. Potentially, this new "Dragon Ball Z" game could be set during the early days of Goku’s adulthood when he first meets world-threatening villains such as Vegeta, Nappa and Raditz, and before his string of resurrections using the titular Dragon Balls.

For now, we’ll have to wait until the Grand Finals round concludes in the Final Summoning tournament to find out what the developers plan to announce to the fans.