• GTA 5 could be the mystery game coming out from the Epic Games Store
  • GTA 5 offering will be the Premium Edition plus GTA Online and DLCs
  • GTA 6 remains under development

There is a free mystery game coming out on May 14 at the Epic Games Store and there are suggestions that it could be "Grand Theft Auto 5." If true, it makes sense. The store has been offering excellent game titles so far, making up for the controversies that have been hounding it since it started. And there is no question that offering "GTA 5" would be big.

The Epic Games Store is scheduled to unveil a mystery game on May 14 and reliable sources tell Game Pressure that it will be "Grand Theft Auto 5." If it does become official, "GTA 5" will be free for members from May 14 to May 21. The free game will be "GTA 5's" Premium Edition which would include the actual game and "GTA Online." The offer is expected to include some post-launched DLCs as well.

The timing of the offer comes at the right time. Most folks are holed up at home and some are finding solace playing video games to keep themselves occupied. Looking at the Epic Games Store site, there are some free games that folks could try out. Among the ones there now include "Might & Magic: Chess Royale," "Dauntless," "The Cycle" and "Auto Chess." The titles may not be appealing but things could change in a couple of hours if "Grand Theft Auto 5" turns out to be the mystery game most are eagerly awaiting. It would be best to wait for an official announcement.

In related "Grand Theft Auto" news, it appears that "Grand Theft Auto 6" is making progress. According to Chris ‘Liberty93’ of Rockstar Mag, the main story for the next GTA installment has already wrapped up. This was made before the exit of head writer Dan Houser where the storyline had been tweaked several times.

And while that should be good news, it remains that an official release date has yet to come out in the open. "Grand Theft Auto 5" came out in 2013 and remains one of the top games to play to date. However, most want to see a new installment but the best update on that "GTA 6" remains under development.

Grand Theft Auto
A Florida teen was arrested for allegedly raping an underage girl during a PlayStation stream. In this photo, a young man plays Grand Theft Auto IV on the game's day of release in London, England, April 29, 2008. Getty Images/ Cate Gillon