Will "GTA 5" reach the PC this March? Courtesy/Rockstar Games

A leaked 150-page bug log for Rockstar Games’ “Grand Theft Auto V” allegedly shows more than 170 references to an upcoming PC version of the title, with several resources dating back to June 2012. The bug log details issues arising from hundreds of “GTA 5” tests completed between April 2009 to August of last year, with allusions to a PC version of the game from more than two years ago.

The document discussed over 170 references to developmental errors, several notes on DX11 support and a possible “smog” weather setting, mention of a “lastgen” toggle designed during development, and glitches relating to 64-bit system testing.

The log also conveyed the date of each primary control system rebuild, even displaying deadlines that lead up to press events. There are also notes from Rockstar game developers like senior designer Kenneth Ross and programmer Robert Schmitz, alongside references to the developer’s management systems.

The document was leaked via an XML file last September – existing on a number of “GTA” forums and various online fan communities. The list was recently publicly hosted on a Google drive server that is no longer available for viewing, but PCGamer posted several screen shots of the log’s text.

Rumors of a March release date for a PC version of the title began to spread when possible leaked footage of the game appeared online last week. User warrockteam1 posted the clip, claiming it showed gameplay from a PC version of “GTA V.” The video was quickly removed, with YouTube claiming copyright infringement from NYC-based Take-Two Interactive, the publisher which owns Rockstar.

An additional “GTA V” PC rumor began when a retailer in Norway stated that the game would be released on March 18 this year and was already available for pre-order. The same launch date was mentioned by an Amazon rep, who promised Rockstar would make an announcement by the end of 2013. When the game developer remained tight-lipped, many fans began to doubt the rumored launch date.

Fans also became hopeful when a petition to bring “Grand Theft Auto V” to the PC reached more than 650,000 signatures. The petition’s creator, Mike Julliard, has managed to amass 655,946 supporters – and hopes to reach 1 million. Julliard felt that “’GTA’ is an amazing PC game and the idea of it not being on PC is a mistake.” The process has been a labor of love for Julliard, who started the petition in 2012. By November of that year, he had received 10,000 signatures. By July 2013, 240,000 people were showing their support in making “GTA V” a PC game.

Though backing amongst “GTA V” and PC fans has grown, Rockstar still hasn’t confirmed development of the title on a new platform.

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