Four users recreate the opening sequence in "Skyfall" with "GTA 5" characters. Courtesy/Rockstar

A group of “GTA 5” players expressed their dedication to James Bond this weekend by recreating the opening scene of 2012’s Bond flick “Skyfall” with characters from the game.

The users placed their characters in the sequence – where the infamous secret agent pursues a target along the top of a moving train in Istanbul while another agent drives along in an SUV.

The video was posted on Feb. 28 and has already received more than 168,000 views.

Users on Reddit were quick to point out some errors with the reenactment. The additional agent is a female in the movie, while the “GTA 5” sequence shows a male. "I tried to make a 'her' for it, but when I switched to the other character Lamar wouldn't let me because I had the tutorial to do," one of the creators said on Reddit. "This was just for a fun contest but for future ones I will be trying to cut better. I left him falling because the music matched well for the whole timeline, and it kind of explains why Bond catches up to him."

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