• Rockstar Games has not yet confirmed the existence of "GTA 6"
  • A new tweet shared by a game's voice actor recently sent fans speculating
  • "GTA 6" location is reportedly hinted in the voice actor's recent tweet

Even if Rockstar Games has not yet confirmed the existence of “Grand Theft Auto 6” fans have been talking about it for several years. Over time, the fandom has seen a wide range of rumors, leaks and speculations allegedly related to the upcoming “Grand Theft Auto” installment. The latest rumor hinted at the location of “GTA 6.”

“Metal Gear” voice actor David Hayter recently shared a cryptic post on his official Twitter account that got “GTA 6” fans talking once again. The tweet comes with a couple of hashtags, namely GTAVI and Toronto. As expected, the tweet quickly caught the interest of “GTA 6” fans who started spreading the tweet online, claiming that the location of the upcoming title was leaked.

At the time of this writing, the tweet garnered 4000 likes, 628 retweets and 282 comments. Following the overwhelming response on his tweet, the “Metal Gear” voice actor clarified that he was not stating anything official but making a suggestion of where he would like to see “GTA 6” take place.

A strange "GTA 6" leak could be hinting of a Summer 2020 grand reveal as opposed to earlier assumption that it is the game's release window. steamXO

Hayter later shared a GIF stating that to "avoid internet incident" and "this was just a suggestion." Unfortunately, with the bomb already dropped online, despite the voice actor’s denial, “GTA 6” fans would not stop speculating that Canada could be the next place where the most-awaited installment of the successful “GTA” franchise would happen.

Currently, Rockstar Games has not revealed anything related to “GTA 6” so news about its setting is pure speculations. Earlier rumors and leaks, however, claim that the upcoming title would return to Vice City, the franchise’s fictional version of Miami. Several reports also note that Rockstar Games would not limit the setting of “GTA 6” in Vice City but would go beyond the U.S.

Earlier rumors suggest as far as Brazil, Mexico, Colombia and the Carribean. With the absence of Rockstar Games’ confirmation about “GTA 6,” all of these reports and claims are not official and are considered as rumors.