• Sony recently confirmed that the release of the PS5 is still on track 
  • A new leak claims that the PS5 full console reveal might happen in Jun 2020
  • The PS5 reveal event might reportedly omit the announcement of one of the most awaited information about the next generation gaming console

Sony Interactive Entertainment announced last year the holiday 2020 release window of its next generation console, the PS5. A recent leak claimed that the Japanese gaming giant might hold the official PS5 console reveal sometime in Jun 2020. However, it appears that during the event, Sony might not include one significant PS5 detail that many fans have long been wanting to know.

A few days ago, Venture Beat’s Jeff Grubb shared on his official Twitter account some details about Sony’s next generation gaming console. He revealed that the Japanese gaming giant plans to hold a PS5 event next month. Apart from this, Grubb also said that Sony does not plan on revealing the price of the PS5 at the said event.

Aside from specs and features of the PS5, fans are interested in its price. Like Microsoft’s Xbox Series X, until now Sony is mum about the standard price of its next generation gaming console. Whispers online suggest that the PS5 might retail at around $499 while others claim it could retail at $399.

PlayStation Now Andrew House
PlayStation 5 might have a Pro version based on the new statement of Sony's Executive Vice President, who hinted this possibility. Getty Images/Ethan Miller

According to Grubb, fans would have to wait for a few months more for the price of the PS5. He added that console prices could be available in August when AMD, Nvidia and Intel launch their products. The journalist also said that gaming console makers usually wait up to the last minute to determine the price.

Sony Interactive Entertainment remained silent about the PS5 official reveal. The only thing that the Japanese gaming giant officially confirmed is the release window of its next generation gaming console. The company’s confirmation that the PS5 is still on track on its most recent earnings report to investors.

Meanwhile, Sony’s CEO Kenichiro Yoshida revealed that the company has plans to launch a compelling list of games for the PS5. The Japanese gaming giant currently gears up as a couple of major PS4 exclusive titles, “Ghost of Tsushima” and “The Last of Us 2” are set to release a few months from now. A recent leak claimed that the long-rumored PS5 exclusive title “Silent Hill” is in development and would launch at the PS5 official reveal event.