Hypothetical map of Portland, Oregon, in "GTA." Movoto Real Estate Blog

We’re still waiting for “Grand Theft Auto 5” to reach the PC, but many are already wondering about Rockstar’s next move: Will the New York City studio release “GTA 6,” and in what city will the new version be set? Real estate blog Movoto believes it has chosen the best city for the next “GTA” installment: Portland, Oregon.

“To be fair, Portland wasn’t our first choice either,” the post read on Wednesday. “We looked at several cities, trying to see which one would be a great place to steal cars in. It’s hard to argue with numbers, and the numbers show that not only is Portland a great choice for the next 'GTA,' but also that Portland probably would have actually been a better choice than that lame-sauce city Los Whateveros.”

Los Angeles, Miami and New York City have all served as the fictional backdrops for previous “Grand Theft Auto” games. Portland, the largest city in Oregon, has a population of more than 600,000 and is the third-most-populated city in the Pacific Northwest.

Movoto looked at the fact that the real Portland currently has nine gun stores and 81 strip clubs, including upscale joints like “Casa Diablo” and “Devil’s Point.”

However, Portland only has six police stations, half of the 12 police stations in the "GTA 5" city of Los Santos.

But police stations, strip clubs and gun stores aren’t the only reason why Movoto chose the city of Portland to be the setting of “GTA 6.”

“You need that local city smell,” Movoto said. “That special flavor that makes each ‘GTA’ a little bit better and a little more distinct than the last. For Portland, we felt it was oh-so appropriate to include bike shops and coffee shops.”

Other location suggestions for "GTA 6" have been thrown around in the past, some mentioning that players will return to Vice City, Liberty City or that the game will take place in multiple cities.

However, Movoto believes the choice is pretty clear. "Portland would be the PERFECT city for the next ‘Grand Theft Auto; game. It has the personality, the intrigue.”">