Rockstar Games is not letting the opportunity to do some gift-giving this holiday season simply pass. The video game publisher is particularly looking into handing some free items to “GTA Online” players this time of the year.

On its official website, Rockstar announced that players who will be logging in to play “GTA Online” are going to get special freebies. First up is a Unicorn Mask. Players can adorn their players with this eccentric mask just for the fun of it. They could even match this with any of the pajamas that are also available for free. There are two pairs in case you are wondering. There’s a White Graphic one and a Blue Check pajama as well.

Moving on, it’s not going to be “Grand Theft Auto” without the artillery, explosives and such. Hence, Rockstar is giving everyone an equal opportunity to obtain a Carbine Rifle with 200 rounds of Ammo and a Marksman Rifle with 200 rounds of Ammo. One could also go all out by getting the Basic Knuckle Dusters, 25 Sticky Bombs, 25 Grenades, five Proximity Mines and five Molotovs free of charge. Also, players can take advantage of this promo by availing Full Snacks and Full Armor for free.

In addition, Rockstar is handing out a special gift from Friday, Dec. 23, through Monday, Dec. 26. The gift is a Fireworks Launcher with 10 Fireworks rockets. This is an automatic freebie, so by the time players log in within the inclusive dates, they already have access to this explosive gift.

Making Christmas day extra special, the publisher is giving away 50 percent bonus cash to all Vehicle Exports, Special Cargo Deliveries and Biker Business Sales on the 24th and the eve of Christmas. All of these criminal activities will land players on Santa’s “Naughty” list, but they are going to be worth it with this bonus.

The news about the free items comes after Rockstar announced this year’s Festive Surprise event. According to GearNuke, this update is a revival of last year’s snowfall phenomenon that hit Los Santos. However, the publisher brought something new to the table this year by introducing the Juggernaut Mode that lets teams battle each other in a deathmatch with the main goal of knocking out the opposing team’s Juggernaut.