Earn up to $2 million in 'GTA Online.' Courtesy/Rockstar

Looking to up your RP and earn some quick cash in “GTA Online”? Look no further. The following video will show you a quick, easy way to do this.

When you reach Rank 75, you’ll unlock a mission called “Rooftop Rumble” from Martin Madrazo, who leads a Mexican narcotic game in Los Santos. After you kill five people, watch the video clip below and you’ll be able to earn up to $2 million of in-game cash and 400K RP per hour.

On Wednesday, it was confirmed that heists will be coming to “Grand Theft Auto Online” sometime this spring. Though a release date hasn’t been set, Rockstar confirmed via its Newswire that long-awaited heists will allow players to team up with Crew members to take part in cooperative missions.

Several other updates will also be available, including a game capture creator that allows users to create customized capture jobs and a High Life update, which allows players to own new expensive apartments and a new wardrobe.

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