• Money exploits on "GTA Online" have been addressed with the lates released patch
  • Rockstar Games may go after game cheaters next
  • Fix for visual of money earned remains unfixed on "GTA Online"

Virtual money on "GTA Online" is something any player would welcome especially if it is free. Sadly, games are not free from exploits, a reason why most resort to hacks. Rockstar Games has taken note of these abuses and has released a patch to address these concerns. Now, "GTA Online" players are forced to earn their keep the right way unless another bug is discovered moving forward.

Like most games, patches are released by game developers to fix problems that may be plaguing players. This could range from graphics or even abnormalities for people during gameplay. However, the latest update addresses two money-making exploits that some have been taking advantage of. There were two major exploits patched according to Rockstar insider TezFun.

The first money-making glitch on "GTA Online" was tied to changing characters and transferring money while rotating apartments. The second one is better known as the "Cashing Out" dupe where players would use the Elegy car when starting a mission before quitting with more money they had in the beginning. For players who were fond of using this, they are no more.

The development should be good news for gamers who were earning money the right way. However, it appears the "GTA Online" community is far from satisfied with the latest glitch. Some want the exploiters banned, assuming there are still some of them around. Rockstar Games had already removed players caught using the exploit although some may be still lingering in the game.

Rockstar Games could move forward and address this next. There is no telling how they will classify cheaters from the fair-playing gamers. The amount of money they have on hand could be a basis although it would be best to verify through log files how they were able to accumulate their riches. In short, it will be a long process - assuming game developers will act on it.

Speaking of virtual money-matters, it was not mentioned if an old but simple request made by gamers has been addressed. In a previous post, it was reported how some gamers wanted some minor graphical tweets because they were having a hard time keeping track of their virtual millions.

It was a minor issue that some players raised on Reddit where the figures on screen lacked proper separators in the main display. This was a dizzying spell for gamers who wanted an accurate count of how much they have.

What do you want to see in Rockstar's next update? Courtesy/Rockstar