Body piercer Bill Danger Robinson broke the Guinness Book record for Most Body piercings in a single sitting, at Inktoxicated Tattoos in Las Vegas on Tuesday.

Ther previous record was 3,100, Robinson aimed to do 3,600, but settled at 3,200. The piercings went on sideshow performer Staysha Randall and

The record is awaiting verification by Guinness to be official.

Body modification is a hot topic in world record world. Celebrity tattooer Kat Von D broke a Guinness record on her T.V. show LA Ink in 2007 by doing 400 tattoos in 24 hours. Her record was later broken by Kat's ex-husband Oliver Peck with 415, then Robbie Coon Koch with 577, then Derek Kastning with 726, and finally by Hollis Cantrell with 801.