The three most common suicide mechanisms for middle-age people are firearms, poisoning and suffocation, according to a CDC report. Reuters

Friends don't let friends drink and discharge.

The Colorado Supreme Court ruled Monday that the University of Colorado could no longer ban firearms on its four-campus network, as that violates state law, the New York Daily News reports. This includes main University of Colorado at Boulder, the college ranked by Playboy in 2011 as the nation's top party school. Before Monday's ruling, the law allowed local Colorado governments the right to decide whether or not to ban concealed weapons in public; Monday's decision decided the University of Colorado did not qualify for those guidelines.

Top party school where guns are allowed? Sounds like a totally sweet combination, no? Apropos, here's something surprising/not surprising whatsoever: gun violence occurs at higher rates when paired with alcohol. Who would have thought something that lowers inhibitions would make the itchy trigger finger even itchier? Here's a quick compendium of alcohol-related gun-violence.