"H1Z1" will feature dynamic weather patterns, a day to night cycle and more. Courtesy/SOE

Sony Online Entertainment (NYSE: SNE) has yet to reveal when zombie survival horror “H1Z1” will launch, but the Japan-based brand has already discussed a number of details about the game, such as its day to night cycle and dynamic weather patterns. According to game designer Adam Clegg, there may be an additional game mode available in “H1Z1” -- the ability use infect yourself with the H1Z1 virus and use “zombie senses” to track other humans and players.

Clegg discussed this feature on Twitter on Thursday.

Though nothing has been confirmed, this would be a pretty interesting addition to the game, which is rumored to reach the PlayStation 4 and PC later this year.

“H1Z1” will compete with Bohemia Interactive’s zombie horror game “DayZ,” which launched last year, though Clegg insists "H1Z1" will be a brand new experience.

“This is our own take on zombie survival. It’s set in anywhere America. It being in America already feels different,” Clegg told us last month during E3. “We’re creating our own persistent world and our own take on zombies. With the vehicles and all the stuff that’s in this game, it feels like it’s our own. It’s not about being similar or trying to be like another game. It’s trying to set the world apart. It’s our own take on it.”