Nowadays, we have a wide selection of video streaming apps and sites that makes binge-watching easily accessible wherever you are and whenever you want. But, with the increasing number of apps offering our favorite movies, TV series, and documentaries comes the increased possibility of getting our accounts or subscriptions hacked. Surprisingly, a new report reveals that even after we have already canceled our subscriptions to these apps, hackers can still hack our accounts that end up users getting charged for something they did not avail.

Take, for instance, Netflix subscription. Users assumed that when they cancel their subscription to the popular video streaming app, their link to the company ended. However, with the way the company leaves the accounts open for reactivation only means that attackers and hackers can resume their subscription without the need of any credit card details. Several members and ex-members have experienced having their Netflix accounts reactivated without their permission or without them doing it, BBC reports.

Netflix logoscreen The Netflix logo is shown. Photo: AFP/Lionel BONAVENTURE

The victims of this latest attack only became aware when their dormant account started charging them again. One victim is Emily Keen, who discovered that after unsubscribing to her Netflix account in Apr. 2019 was charged  £11.99  in Sept. Keen, shares that she tried logging in to her old account, but it returned with a message that the video streaming service does not recognize the login credentials.

It appeared that the criminals have totally changed her login credentials and have even signed her up for a more expensive subscription plan. But, how could this happen with the user already unsubscribed to the service? Netflix keeps the customer data for ten months following cancellation, so the ex-members can quickly reinstate their accounts should they change their minds later.

This is explained by Netflix when you cancel your subscription, as shown in the image below.

It appears that Keen is not the only victim of this kind of attack. Trusted Reviews claim that there is a stable black market business for stolen online account credentials, and Netflix is just one of the countless other apps and sites. It is essential that when you unsubscribe, you have to send an email to Netflix to ask them to remove your credentials on their network altogether.