This isn't the first time Facebook has hired an infamous hacker: In fact, there are several teenaged hackers who got rewarded for their cyber-crime instead of being imprisoned.

Twenty-one-year-old George Hotz, the famed PlayStation 3 hacker, known as Geohot, is the latest in the line of cybercriminals hired by big-shot tech companies.

Facebook hired Georgia Southern University student Chris Putnam in 2006 as an engineer after he created XSS-based worm along with his friends on Facebook.

The worm would rapidly and silently copy itself from profile to profile, spreading virally through friends viewing each other's profiles. Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz offered him the job of an engineer as soon as he was about to drop out of college.

Nintendo Wiimote hacker Johny Lee was hired by Microsoft to develop Kinect. Then the computer scientist was taken up by Google as a Rapid Evaluator.

First Jailbroken iPhone worm creator Ashley Towns got a job with an iPhone app developer based in Sydney in Australia. He unwittingly created the iPhone worm while downloading iOS app development programs.

Kevin Poulsen, who is currently the senior editor at Wired magazine, was known for hacking all of the telephone lines for Los Angeles radio station KIIS-FM. He also hacked the FBI computers. His most remarkable achievement was creating a program that identified hundreds of sex offenders on MySpace.