• "Halo Infinite" will have a seasonal structure that will continuously evolve with the playerbase
  • Each season will introduce new content like cosmetics, gameplay changes and more
  • The "Halo Waypoint" companion app is undergoing a redesign for improved usability

343 Industries recently released a dev blog filled with insights regarding the live service model for “Halo Infinite” detailing the game adherence to tried-and-tested methods that other publishers and developers have successfully implemented in their own titles in the past.

On top of “Halo Infinite’s” never-ending battle pass system, 343 will also be implementing seasonal content to bring even more themed content to the game once it launches. This will provide the developers with better opportunities to cater to the changing needs and trends of “Halo’s” playerbase, which will now demand even more foresight due to “Infinite’s” F2P multiplayer format.

Here are some of the notable features that “Halo Infinite’s” development team talked about on their blog.

Seasonal Event Structure

“Halo Infinite” will adopt a seasonal event structure, which will provide players with new themed content every three months. The first season of the game will be called “Heroes of Reach,” which will pay special attention to player customization and the celebration of the game’s release.

A sample armor set in Halo Infinite's multiplayer mode
A sample armor set in Halo Infinite's multiplayer mode 343 Industries

Similar seasonal events are also present in other games such as “Apex Legends,” “Call Of Duty: Warzone” and even “Halo MCC” on Steam. Fans will be able to expect much of the same in terms of season-based balancing shifts and new content.

New Content Per Season (plus battle pass stuff)

Each new season in “Halo Infinite” will feature additional content for almost every facet of the game, live team design director Ryan Paradis said. 343 Industries will be adding content such as new skins, armor pieces, events and more.

This style of continuous development will provide “Halo” fans with a constant stream of content that can keep the playerbase engaged for long periods of time if executed properly. This may include new maps and game modes as well.

Halo Waypoint

343 Industries is currently working on the newest iteration of the “Halo Waypoint” community hub and companion app, with improvements coming to both PC and mobile interfaces as well as general changes for better user experience overall.

UI/visual designer CJ Ramos said that they’re trying to strike a balance between implementing “Halo Infinite’s” style with that of their own in terms of UI layout. Players can expect to see a drastically improved interface for faster and easier navigation between menus.