• "Halo Infinite" is getting dedicated Slayer-only playlists in the next weekly update
  • Players will be able to choose between Slayer, Fiesta FFA and SWAT modes
  • The update will also change some frustrating daily challenges 

343 Industries revealed that dedicated playlists for classic multiplayer game modes will be returning to “Halo Infinite” very soon following high demand from the player base.

The success of “Halo Infinite’s” multiplayer component is resounding, but apart from calls to shake up the monetization schemes, players have been clamoring for the return of traditional deathmatch-style playlists found in earlier games in the series. Recently, the developers confirmed that Slayer, Fiesta FFA and Tactical Slayer will all have their own playlists come Tuesday.

However, this comes with a bit of a catch. In the coming reset, only the basic Slayer mode will be included in the Slayer playlist.

343’s ske7ch said that the team wanted to implement a few varieties of the game mode to go live alongside the playlist, but they are currently not ready to be deployed. These Slayer varieties will be added in future updates instead.

Slayer is the standard team deathmatch mode that’s been present in every “Halo” game in the past. Two groups of four Spartans will duke it out in a race to reach the kill score limit using any available means at their disposal. This mode is loved by fans who want to put in a few quick games or for those who want a change of pace from the other objective-heavy modes that “Halo Infinite” has to offer.

An image of the latest video game 'Halo Infinite'
An image of the latest video game 'Halo Infinite' Microsoft via AFP / Handout

Fiesta FFA pits every player against themselves in a fun and chaotic brawl featuring overpowered weapons. Fiesta modes typically have absurdly powerful gun variants like the rapid-fire Battle Rifle, the Pinpoint Needler and the Arcane Sentinel Beam.

Tactical Slayer, also known as SWAT mode, is a team deathmatch mode that strips all players of their shields and removes the HUD radar, forcing each individual to play more intelligently. The TTK values in SWAT mode are extremely fast, similar to games like “Valorant” or “CSGO” where a single headshot is typically enough to down an opponent.

The Dec. 14 update will also include some adjustments to challenges, specifically toward some of the more frustrating ones. Players can expect a more relaxed pool of challenges once the update goes live to make the XP grind less tedious.