• "Halo Infinite" plays differently from other mainstream FPS games
  • Players are advised to take things slow and learn the game at their own pace
  • The game provides many learning materials and practice modes for players

Players who are completely new to the “Halo” franchise may find themselves struggling in “Halo Infinite’s” multiplayer modes. As an arena shooter, the game plays differently from other mainstream titles like “Call of Duty” or “Battlefield,” and new players might have already noticed that their teammates or opponents perform significantly better than them for seemingly no reason.

As with all games, “Halo Infinite” has its own learning curve. Thankfully, it’s not as difficult to pick up and learn, much like some other genres.

Here are five important tips that every new “Halo Infinite” player should know to help them improve their gameplay much quicker.

Positioning and Map Control

Controlling the map through proper positioning is one of the most important things to know in “Halo Infinite.” Keep an eye out on where weapons, equipment and power-ups spawn, and try to fight around these items to get the upper hand against the enemy.

Also, try to always stay close to cover or have an escape route readily available at all times in case a gunfight goes bad.

TTK Values and Team-Shooting

The long time-to-kill values in “Halo Infinite” may be the most obvious difference between this game and almost everything else in the market. This is a staple in “Halo’s” multiplayer experience, which is why players need to find ways to reduce this TTK as much as possible.

Grenades and weapon pickups can give players a more upfront advantage when dueling enemies, but sticking together with teammates offers the best way to kill opponents faster. Try to coordinate with teammates and outnumber the enemy in every possible engagement.

Aim for Center Mass

Unlike other games, shooting opponents in the head doesn’t matter as much in “Halo Infinite.” Due to this, always aim for the torso to increase the chances of actually hitting shots on a target. Sniper rifles are exempted from this rule, however.

Halo Infinite's multiplayer will bring back classic modes like CTF Halo Infinite's multiplayer will bring back classic modes like CTF Photo: 343 Industries

Only go for headshots against unshielded targets as the lack of shields will always guarantee an instant headshot kill.

Weapon Racks and Respawn Mechanics

Weapons can be picked up from racks scattered around each map. When the weapon outline is red, it means that the gun is currently being used by someone on the field. Meanwhile, blue outlines indicate that the weapon is ready to respawn.

The small bar on top of each rack indicates the time before its weapon becomes available again.

Know each weapon

Every gun in the game fills a specific role in battle. The Plasma Pistol and Disruptor, for example, are designed to quickly destroy shields, making enemies easier to finish off with an Assault Rifle or Pistol.

Visit the Academy to know more about how each weapon functions. This can give players an edge in battle, especially against opponents who don’t know how to use the guns in their hands.