As the final few minutes of Harold Camping's May 21 Doomsday prophecy pass without any incident, supporters and believers across the world finally realize that it was nothing but yet another failed prediction.

Critics and atheists across the world both mock and celebrate as the Oakland preacher's prediction of the world's end proved to be a dud.

Earlier, Harold insisted that a destructive earthquake pulverizing different corners of the world will cause its destruction at around 6 P.M. local time.

Camping parted ways with the conservative, evangelical Christian Reformed Church into which he was born. After his retirement in 1958, he continued to serve as the unpaid president of Family Radio which he helped to start with other individuals of Christian Reformed, Bible Baptist, and Conservative Christian Presbyterian

The radio station broadcasts traditional Christian Gospel to the conservative Protestant community and minister to the general public.

This was not the first prediction of Camping regarding the Second Coming of Jesus Christ that failed. Like his previous prophecy, his current date is also based on his reading of the Bible and a timeline dating back to ancient events including the Biblical flood survived by Noah.

Some believe that setting up of such dates is more about money and less about real faith. Many supporters are investing millions of dollars to spread the message across the world.