The “Harry Potter” movies and books are over, but the story still lives on in fan’s hearts (and on Pottermore). Many supporters of JK Rowling's best-selling boy wizard series even still put “Potter” merchandise on their wish list. If you’re Christmas shopping for a “Harry Potter” fan, you’ll need to know what to get them. Check out these 13 presents "Harry Potter" fans will be asking for this holiday season:

For The Child Fan

If your “Harry Potter” fan is young, a stuffed animal might be a good choice. Try Harry’s pet owl Hedwig ($31.95) or Hagrid’s hippogriff Buckbeak ($24.95) which are both available on Universal Orlando's Wizarding World of Harry Potter site. If the gift recipient is old enough to handle small pieces, try a LEGO set. While LEGO has officially retired most "Harry Potter" sets, plenty are still available on Amazon (prices vary).

For The Christmas-Loving Fan

If you want your gift to be in the spirit of the holiday season, try a "magical" ugly Christmas sweater from ($49.30). If you favorite fan is a Quidditch lover, a golden snitch Christmas tree ornament ($19) from Etsy might just be the perfect gift. 

For The Fan With A Sweet Tooth

Maybe you can’t bring them to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, but you can bring a little of the theme park to them. The Universal store sells several candies from the budget-friendly Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans ($10.95) to a luxurious four-pack of chocolate frogs ($49.95).

For The Charitable Fan

Try a holiday gift from the Harry Potter Alliance web store. All proceeds benefit the Harry Potter Alliance, which will put the money towards fundraisers for human rights, literacy and equality. A “Books turn muggles into wizards” mug ($13), or a “Granger Lovegood 2016” t-shirt ($22), would make most "Potter" fans smile.

For The TV-Watching Fan

TV remotes are fine -- but changing the channel with a swish and flick of a wand is way cooler. The "Harry Potter" remote control wand retails for $54.95 from the Warner Bros. online shop.

For The Comfortable Fan

Ever read a 500-page novel in one sitting while wearing jeans? If you haven’t, don’t. Pajama pants are a reader’s best friend. Hot Topic has lightweight pajama bottoms which feature the Hogwarts crest and individual house crests on sale. They’re regularly $19.50 but are currently retailing for just $13.65.

For The Collector

If they have several editions of the "Harry Potter” books, they might not have the latest release. In October, Bloomsbury Publishing repackaged the entire series with new children’s covers (£53.99) but they’re only sold in the U.K. The publisher's website says they ship to the U.S., but you’ll have to pay some international shipping charges.

For Every “Harry Potter” Fan

Everyone wants an acceptance letter from Hogwarts. While it might not be real, most fans would still display it with pride. Warner Bros. offers personalized Hogwarts acceptance letters printed on chromaluxe panels that are water and scratch resistant. The 5x7 inch size sells for $24.95 while the 8x10 inch size is $34.95.