A family of a boy with Autism Spectrum Disorder is in shock after they received a cruel, vicious letter in the mail. A “neighbor” suggested the boy be euthanized because his noisy tendencies disturbed her “normal” children.

The anonymous note was sent on Friday to the grandmother of 13-year-old Max Begley, who is a Canadian boy living with severe Autism Spectrum Disorder. The note, which was signed by “one pissed off mother,” referred to Max as a “wild animal” and a “dreadful” noise polluter and then suggested his parents do the “right” thing by "euthanizing" him at the end of the letter.

"Personally, they should take whatever non retarded [sic] body parts he possesses and donate it to science. What the hell else good is he to anyone!!!" the letter read. "Do the right thing and move or euthanize him!! Either way we are ALL better off!!!"

His mother, Karla Begley, could understandably not keep herself from crying as she read the letter aloud to CityNews, a Toronto-based news station. "The more you go on, the worse it gets," Begley told CityNews as she struggled to read the letter. "Who says that about a child?"

One of Max’s favorite things to do is bounce a ball outside, but the neighbor doesn’t think he should be able to do that. The letter suggests his family take Max to a public park where his “dreadful” noises won’t bother her ignorant family, but Begley revealed he would run away from her if they went to a public park and her Multiple Sclerosis keeps her from being able to chase him.

According to Yahoo Canada News, authorities are investigating the letter and spokeswoman Jodi MacLean said the letter is being taken “seriously.” Max’s family contacted police, worried their son and family might be harmed. According to Huffington Post, the Begleys want to press charges if possible.

But not everyone in Max’s community feels that way about the 13-year-old. They have since rallied together to make him and his family feel as welcomed as possible. In the news clip, neighbors are shown giving Max high-fives.

The note was first posted on Twitter by YouTube sensations Lennon and Maisy, who said they are close family friends to the Begleys. They tweeted on Sunday, “A close family friend has an autistic boy and this was an anonymous letter slipped under her door. This is real.” The post has received nearly 6,500 retweets.