Blizzard Entertainment's "Heroes of the Storm" went live Tuesday. As part of the launch celebration, Blizzard also released the game's Patch Notes, containing information about the online "Hero Brawler" -- including new content, events, rewards and a new hero. Read on to learn more about it. reports that starting Tuesday, all players of "Heroes of the Storm" can get bonus experience points (XP) in the XP Boost event, which will last for three weeks. Below is the weekly schedule of the XP Boost Event.

June 2-9 (25 percent XP Bonus)

June 9-16 (50 percent XP Bonus)

June 16-24 (100 percent XP Bonus)

Stimpack Discount

From Tuesday to June 9, all "Heroes of the Storm" players will get a 50 percent discount if they purchase a 30-day Stimpack. Other 30-Day Stimpacks purchased after the discounted rate will return to its regular price.

Exclusive Player Portrait

All of the players who log in to "Heroes of the Storm" from Tuesday to June 9 will get an exclusive player portrait.


Billie The Kid Mount

Aside from the "World of Warcraft" rewards (Grave Golem Pet and Ironside Dire Wolf Mount), "Heroes of the Storm" players also have the chance to get a Billie the Kid Mount reward. Players only need to complete a real-money transaction using the in-game Shop on, or after Tuesday, and they will receive the said mount.

"Hearthstone" Rewards

a. "Heroes Of The Storm" Cardback

Players of "Heroes of the Storm" who reach level 12 can receive the "Heroes of the Storm" Cardback in "Hearthstone." For those in the Americas region of, this particular rewared will be granted later this week.

b. "Hearthstone" Cardback Mount In "Heroes of the Storm"

Players who are in "Hearthstone's" Play Mode and are able to win 100 games will receive this reward. Keep in mind that this reward will be given only for the next few weeks.

New Hero

Johanna, Crusader Of Zakarum

Johanna is the newest hero to be a part of the “Heroes of the Storm” game. It is also available for play now.

Johanna's Basic Abilities

a. Shield Glare (E)

This deals damage to enemies. This ability also causes the enemies to miss their next 2 Basic Attacks in 4 seconds.

b. Punish (Q)

This ability slows enemies and deals damage by 60 percent.

c. Condemn (W)

This ability pulls enemies that are nearby toward the player. It also deals damage and stuns enemies. This has a delay of 1 second.

Johanna's Heroic Abilities

a. Blessed Shield (R)

This ability stuns the first enemy that it hits as well as deal damage for 2 seconds. Then, it will hit two nearby enemies, stunning them for one second and dealing half damage.

b. Falling Sword (R)

Through this ability, players who leap toward an area can direct where they will land by simply moving. After two seconds, the character lands and knocks nearby enemies into the air as well as deal some damage to them.

Johanna's Trait

Iron Skin (D)

With the help of this trait, Johanna will become Unstoppable. She will also get a Shield that can absorb damage for four seconds. Click here to read the rest of the "Heroes of the Storm" Patch notes.

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