During the Gamescom 2015 Blizzard Q&A a new character was revealed – Medic from “StarCraft 2” will officially be joining the battle in “Heroes of the Storm.”

While the hype is certainly real, Blizzard didn’t give away too many details about the Medic, except that she will be a ranged support character "who focuses healing into a single ally and can offer team-wide protection through CC and non-healing utility," according to a press release.

Heroes of the Storm Medic Blizzard concept art for the Medic, a new support character from "StarCraft 2" that will be joining "Heroes of the Storm" soon. Photo: Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard also revealed that “if everything goes to plan” the monk Kharazim and new map Infernal Shrines should be out on Monday. It also plans to release new characters every three to four weeks.

Players that have purchased bundles will be glad to hear that dynamic bundles are coming soon, with discounts available depending on which heroes, mounts and skins are already owned.

Heroes of the Storm Infernal Shrines The new "Heroes of the Storm" map Infernal Shrines was announced during Gamescom 2015. On Friday Blizzard revealed that it will be released on Monday along with another character Kharazim, also known as the monk. Photo: Blizzard Entertainment

Pre-season is also going to be extended so that Blizzard can roll out updates. It wants to get Grand Master League in play before the first season starts.

Are you excited about Medic, Kharazim and Infernal Shrines? Tell us in the comments below and watch the Infernal Shrines trailer.