Hillary Clinton is best known for her political accomplishments -- representing New York as a United States Senator, being a leading candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2008 and working as the current Secretary of State -- but now she's become part of some neither she nor anyone else ever expected.

The celebrated Secretary of State is the star of a new internet meme in which the she's shown wearing a pair of dark sunglasses looking at her blackberry. Beneath the photo of her looking at her blackberry is a caption of Clinton responding to someone on her phone.

The meme, called Texts From Hillary Clinton, has been started on Tumblr blog of the same name. The Tumblr account appears to be created in the same fashion as other Tumblr hits including Kim Jong-Il Looking At Things and Garfield Minus Garfield, which are each themed photo collections.

There are only six posts on the blog at this point -- we've posted a handful and encourage you to follow the account for the latest photos -- but despite the lack of content, the site has already garnered lots of attention. Many of the posts on Texts From Hillary Clinton have been reblogged thousands of times on Tumblr. This guy from Buzzfeed called the photos the best political meme of the election so far.

Take a look for yourself.

What's your take?