HomePods making clicking or popping sounds are terribly annoying -- and the sounds could indicate a huge problem. Here’s how to stop the HomePod’s popping noise.

Some HomePod owners have been suffering from popping and clicking noises coming from the Apple smart speaker. While some of them said they were able to get Apple to replace their HomePods for free, some of them weren’t and had to stay stuck with a HomePod that makes noises unbecoming of an Apple product.

One such owner who complained about the HomePod’s problems posted a video on Reddit, showing how his/her $299 device would make unpleasant sounds while playing music, and then ultimately stops playing. Hopefully, that’s an isolated case.

Those who are having trouble with their HomePods making popping or clicking noises can do one or two things to have it fixed, Apple Insider said. Here’s what HomePod owners can do when their HomePods start making clicking or popping noises.

Fix it personally

Sometimes, the popping or clicking noise can stem from a software issue. Before calling Apple for an appointment, owners should at least first try to re-set up their HomePods. Here’s how to do it:

  • First, users need to open the Home app on their iPhone or iPad, find the room where the HomePod can be located, and select the HomePod that needs re-setting. After selecting the right HomePod, users will need to press and hold on the HomePod Tile.
  • After this, a screen will appear. Users will need to tap on the Settings button located at the bottom right area. After tapping on the Settings button, users will need to tap on “Remove Accessory” at the bottom of the Settings menu.
  • Next, users will need to go out of the Home app and hold their device next to the HomePod. The devices will automatically connect with each other after some time. Once connected, users will then need to follow the set up procedures given until Siri plays some music.
  • Users are advised to let Siri keep playing music for a while before stopping it to listen if clicks or popping noises are still there. If the noise is gone, then the software issue has been resolved.

Call for help

HomePod owners who continue to hear the same clicking and popping noise even after re-setting their HomePods are advised to contact Apple Support as the problem could be a hardware issue. The aforementioned HomePod user above got Apple to replace the problematic speaker with a new HomePod. Others might get theirs replaced too.