The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has opened an investigation into more than 1.1. million Honda (HMC) Accord sedans over a possible steering system issue after receiving 107 complaints.

According to documents from the NHTSA, the investigation covers 2013 to 2015 Accord models, which it said, “Under normal driving conditions, with no warning or input from the driver, the vehicle may veer or jerk out of its intended path of travel.”

The NHTSA also received two reports of injuries related to the issue in the Honda vehicles.

The probe by the NHTSA was opened after the Office of Defects Investigations received a petition in October claiming there was a defect in the Accords’ steering system.

The petitioner alleged that “deviation from the intended path of travel occurs without warning or driver input while operating the vehicle under normal driving conditions.”

In November, the ODI opened a Defect Petition requesting information on steering anomalies from Honda on the Accord to analyze whether or not to open an investigation.

The NHTSA said that based on its review of the information, it has decided to grant the petition and “ assess the scope, frequency and potential safety-related consequences of the alleged defect, a sudden loss of steering control. ”

The investigation was opened by the NHTSA on Thursday and impacts about 1,120,470 Honda Accord vehicles.

Shares of Honda were trading at $31.50 as of 19:39 a.m EDT on Monday, up 57 cents, or 1.85%.

Honda Accords sit parked outside SanTan Honda Superstore in Chandler, Arizona
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