Valentine's Day
Workplace romance is common; so too now are employer restrictions on the subject. Reuters

This article is for you guys who are in relationships with women who might want you to be a little bit more attentive, and it's just in time, because the holiday of love is creeping up. It could also be a good checklist for a guy to make sure he’s treating his lady right, from another woman’s point of view. The following is a list of things I think are ultra-romantic for a guy to do and a sure way to make your significant other feel loved and important every day, not just Valentine’s Day.

1. Tell her she’s beautiful, even when she’s not in high heels and full glam.

2. Cook and serve her favorite dinner. (Bonus points awarded for doing the dishes afterward.)

3. Hold her hand or hold her by the waist in public.

4. Have the chocolates (or chips) ready if you know it’s her time of the month.

5. Buy her little gifts (nothing big; like coffee for a caffeine fix with her favorite magazine).

6. Brush her hair. (It feels nice.)

7. Open all doors for her (major bonus point for walking to the other side of the car and opening the door).

8. When you go to the mall together, pay for a shirt (or two).

9. Pick out an outfit she owns and request she wear it to the dinner you’ve already planned.

10. Send her a link to a song that makes you think about her. (The “All I Want Is You” song from Juno is a good one that’s not played out.)

11. Compliment her when you notice something that catches your eye (like if she smells really good or her makeup looks extra fantastic).

12. Write her a poem. (OK, not everyone is a poet, but a handwritten love note will do the trick.)

13. Send her a cute text when she’s at work just because.

14. Let her have control of the remote for a full day.

15. Send her flowers at work randomly to make her friends jealous. (Or even better, get her an Edible Arrangement.)

16. Give her a back massage that doesn't end in sex.

17. Let her call you her pet name in front of your friends. (So what if your guys call you Baby Doll from now on?)

18. Set up an unexpected romantic night at home, with dim lights and candles.

19. Kiss during inclement weather. Sure, it might be raining or snowing, but for some reason the precipitation makes the embrace more romantic.

20. Surprise her with plans for Friday or Saturday night that she’ll appreciate, like going to the theater.

21. Ask if she needs anything while you two are watching television, even if you’re not getting up but especially if you are.

22. Send an email with a cute picture of her favorite animal if she’s having a bad day.

23. Most romantic of all, keep your bodily functions to yourself for at least one day.

BONUS: This one is for the ladies: International Business Times reporter Rebecka Schumann put together an awesome gift guide for any girlfriend or wife is unsure what to get for her significant other. Check it out here. You don't have to worry about breaking the bank with this one either: All gifts are under $50.

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