• "Elden Ring" will have an enormous map divided into multiple regions
  • Each region features a major boss and its own unique dungeon map
  • The open world areas will have various points of interests like caves and catacombs

The gameplay trailer for “Elden Ring” showed off the game’s expansive new world filled with old ruins, monstrous creatures and ominous imagery. Veterans of the “Souls” series can immediately recognize these design elements as just another FromSoftware video game, but there’s more to “Elden Ring’s” world that sets it apart from its spiritual predecessors.

Key points and features of “Elden Ring’s” new map were detailed by game director Hidetaka Miyazaki during an interview with IGN. The game will take place in the Lands Between, a massive world with multiple regions that players will have to traverse throughout their playthrough. Miyazaki said that the name for the Lands Between was coined by George R.R. Martin.

This new location will have six distinct regions ruled by one of the game’s major bosses. There will also be a central hub area akin to the Firelink Shrine of “Dark Souls” where players can rest, upgrade equipment and interact with characters.

Elden Ring features From Software's signature style of creepy creatures
Elden Ring features From Software's signature style of creepy creatures Bandai Namco

The biggest difference between the Lands Between and the convoluted nations of the “Dark Souls” games is that the former is much more open. “Elden Ring” will follow the same game progression formula that its predecessors used but more freedom will be given to players when it comes to exploration.

Miyazaki said that players will have a free level of progression and exploration in “Elden Ring” but not everything will be available from the beginning. Players are free to progress through the game as they see fit, but there is also a preset level progression path set in place to guide players on their journey.

Each of the major regions in the Lands Between will have a bespoke dungeon map related to the region’s theme and lore. Unlike in previous “Souls” games where every map felt like their own dungeon, “Elden Ring” will have unique content above and below ground level depending on the region.

The open world itself will also feature other points of interest like ruined castles, caves, catacombs and other locations that aren’t related to the game’s main plotline. These locations will have valuable items like weapons, armor and learnable combat techniques similar to “Dark Souls 3’s” Weapon Arts.