Jay-Z will be releasing the new album "4:44" in June. Getty

Streaming music service Tidal teamed up with Sprint earlier this year, and now, the partnership has brought its first major release. “4:44” will come out June 30 and is set to be a Tidal streaming exclusive.

Sprint subscribers are also slated to get a bevy of add-ons for the release. New and existing Sprint users inside and outside of the U.S. can get a free six-month trial to Tidal, along with free access to “4:44.”

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The album has also been promoted via a series of teasers featuring Lupita Nyong’o and Mahershala Ali.

The release is slated to be the first of several high-profile partnerships between Tidal and Sprint. Earlier this year, Sprint purchased a 33 percent share in the Jay-Z-owned streaming music service in a bid to bolster its music and exclusive offerings to customers. The partnership also doubled as a sign of increasing consolidation within the streaming music market. Spotify and Apple Music have dominated the market in recent months, leading to smaller players like Tidal and Pandora to seek partnerships or position themselves as acquisition targets.

“4:44” will be Jay-Z’s first album since 2013’s “Magna Carta Holy Grail.” Similar to “4:44,” “Magna Carta Holy Grail” was also part of a Samsung partnership where the album was a limited exclusive for Samsung smartphone owners. Earlier this month, “4:44” was promoted with a series of ambiguous Tidal-sponsored ads. The promotional move also mirrors the Tidal-exclusive rollout for Beyonce’s “Lemonade,” which released in 2016.

Will “4:44” Come to iTunes, Apple Music or Spotify?

At the moment, streaming exclusives have been on the wane among major services. In an interview earlier this year with Music Business Worldwide, Apple Music executive Jimmy Iovine said the service won’t offer them as often, as labels generally “don’t seem to like them.”

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But with Jay-Z being an owner, Tidal has generally been more aggressive than most services about maintaining its exclusivity. For instance, “Lemonade” is still not available on streaming services besides Tidal.

However, it doesn’t mean that “4:44” will only be accessible on Tidal. While Tidal has yet to confirm a timed exclusive window for the upcoming Jay-Z album, similar streaming exclusives have generally made it to other retailers for purchase. For example, “Lemonade” is still not on streaming services like Spotify, but you can buy the album at retailers such as iTunes and Amazon.