For those looking for love in 2020, using a dating app is a way to increase the odds of finding that special someone. But having a profile that stands out on these dating sites can ensure that users get the swipes that help connect them with that special someone who just might be the one.

According to a number of studies (via Ask Men), there is a way to build a foolproof profile on a dating app that can increase the number of swipes a potential love seeker gets. Try these scientific suggestions for making a dating profile that gets swipes instead of skips.

A study by Carphones Warehouse suggests that using a full-length photo in a profile can help to increase the number of interested partners. The survey asked 1,000 U.K. residents what their top dating ap turn-ons are. A total of 86% of men and 86% of women said they want to see a full-length photo of a potential match, followed by their pictures of pets, travel photos, tattoo shots, and, of course, a smile.

Another study by The League indicated that dating app profiles that have a picture with their mother have a 7% higher match rate than users that failed to show off the matriarch of their family. These photos are claimed to show that family is important and may just be what a potential match is looking for in a partner.

To avoid getting bypassed on a dating app, a study by Tinder suggested that users don’t include photos with glasses on as this can cause swipes to decrease by 15%. Daters want to see all the features of their potential partner which glasses can impair in pictures.

While lying on a dating profile often leads to a love disaster, users that fail to show pictures of their children in fear that they will scare some matches off have nothing to worry about. According to the same study by Carphones Warehouse, one in three women said they like to see photos of children in a dating profile.

For dating app users that are looking to boost their swipe potential, a report by Hinge said that candid photos work best, so much so that they are 15% more likely to get a like from other users. The study also indicated that as many as 80% of profile pictures are posed, making candid photos stand out to matches looking for true love.

Showing some love on a dating profile will certainly turn some heads also as PlentyofFish (via Ask Men) said that those that used the word on their profile were more successful at finding a love match. The dating site also said that women gravitate towards the words “romantic” and relationship” on a man’s profile.

Lastly, a good way to ensure that potential partners pay attention to a dater’s profile is to keep in mind the 70:30 rule. For 70% of a profile, a dater should talk about themselves and 30% of the time, describe what they are looking for in a partner, according to Statistic Brain. Not only are these dating app users more successful with their profiles, but they just may be quicker to find that special match.

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A man sued a dating service claiming it failed to match him with women he considered attractive. Several dating apps are pictured on a mobile phone screen on Nov. 24, 2016, in London, England. Leon Neal/Getty Images