Most think of high-profile, celebrity-involved law cases to be the most lucrative in the country. Rising attorney David Yerushalmi proves that hard work and expertise can lead to overwhelming success. He has quickly emerged as one of the nation’s leading injury law attorneys. He has been labeled “insurance companies’ worst nightmare,” and has won millions in settlements for his clients. Shockingly enough, Yerushalmi Law Firm started practicing a mere 18 months ago.

Injury law is often thought of as smaller, more trivial cases, but Yerushalmi has redefined the clich é about this type of law and transformed it into a very successful business. Over 90% of his cases have been policy limit settlements, which means that he has acquired the highest amount possible for his clients. Most of his cases are sorted in under a year, with others being resolved in less than 45 days.

Yerushalmi went to one of the top law schools in New York City and was only one of two students chosen in the U.S. to complete an internship at the celebrated Gerry Spence Trial Lawyers College to learn more about litigation and trial. He has an elite background of experience, and understands the importance of fighting hard for his clients. Oftentimes, insurance companies would rather come to a settlement with Yerushalmi to avoid a long period of litigation and trial.

“The vast majority of our cases have settled for policy limits,” says Yerushalmi. “For example, if someone has a $100K bodily injury insurance policy and they hit our client, more than nine out of ten times we can recover the full $100K. We have been consistent in policy limit after policy limit and that is because we strive on building a bond with our client’s that allows us to really convey their human story instead of just their injuries. We recently did something that most people have never even heard of, which is opening the policy and receiving 2.5x the policy limits on one case.”

Yerushalmi Law Firm has more than 100 cases sitting on their desk at the present moment, so they will soon have won millions more in settlements. From car accidents to brain injuries and even influencer-related injuries, the dedicated lawyer has already proven his ability to master injury law. With the firm being so young and starting to practice just 18 months ago, Yerushalmi Law Firm is poised to be the top injury law firm in the country very soon. To learn more about Yerushalmi Law Firm, visit their website or follow David on Instagram.